Classic Hotels & Lodges

Classic safaris provide a nice balance between budget and luxury safari accommodations. In some lodges, it will be difficult to distinguish between classic safari and luxury safari accommodations. When staying at classic safari accommodations our guests have large tents or walls that do have permanent floors. They have mechanical showers with about 5.5 gallon water containers that our camp crew fills up when quests request a shower. The water flows easily but the amount of water is limited to 5.5 gallons per person per shower. If you are sharing a tent you re-filled the request the container is filled up again for the second person. These tents have portable plastic mobile toilets.

Classic safaris often use African lodges that are architecturally designed in ways that reflect native African bomas that are round in shape or bandas that have thatched roofs that reflect the traditional African cultural way of life. These unique feature give classic accommodations a uniquely African charm and ambiance while providing quality rooms and excellent service.

The Lodges we use for Classic Safaris are

Hotel and Lodges Tanzania Ltd

Tanganyika Wilderness Camps