Luxury Hotels & Lodges

Tanzania Roadside Expeditions vacation packages include the luxury safari option, if you would like some pampering while traveling in the African bush. It provides the best of both worlds as it combines the natural scenic beauty of African landscapes and wildlife viewing with sophisticated luxury African safari accommodations. Luxury Africa vacation packages use lodges with permanent walls and floors and have spacious elegant rooms with running shower. It may also be a large permanent tented lodge/hotel with floor and running shower but with canvas wall. We arrange luxury safari accommodations for clients who request them. They are also the accommodations for guests who select the Tranquility and Honeymoon Safari packages.

Because our guides are very familiar with unique and remote locations in the African bush not frequented by large numbers of tourists, they know where the luxury lodges are located. You can fly in and out of these remote locations that have small landing strips on bush planes. These allow for greater solitude, privacy, and romance with unobstructed views of the natural life surrounding you. The luxury accommodations in these areas are low-key and service a limited number of guests, which enhances the charm, quality, and intimacy of your safari experience. Luxury safari accommodations provide the highest standards of comfort and service. Because luxury lodges are always in very high demand, guests are advised to confirm their bookings at least 4 months in advance.

The Luxury properties we use are;

Serena Hotel and Lodges

Asilia Camps